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The Chinese Vegetarian Festival, which takes places every October, is one of the most anticipated events by the Thai-Chinese community. Partakers of the event abstain from consuming animal meat as a way of spiritual cleansing, merit-making, and detoxification.


Apart from the Vegetarian Festival, the month of October is also lined with numerous auspicious events such as weddings. Organizing weddings at a hotel during this Vegetarian Festival season requires meticulous attention to detail, especially with the wedding reception catering due to the ongoing Vegetarian Festival.


Although it may seem like a hassle to tailor every dish to meet the requirements of the Vegetarian Festival, it actually can be done easily with just a few steps. Firstly, the bride and the groom should create a guest list and request them to indicate any dietary requirements. Your wedding invitation card should directly ask whether the guest is a partaker of the Vegetarian Festival so the appropriate seating and food arrangements can be made to suit the needs of your guests.


And if you’re still stuck on what vegetarian dishes you should prepare for your guests, we would like to suggest you five dishes that will make your wedding at any hotel so simple!


1. Begin with Soup

You can start off with a vegetarian soup that hotels surely have a wide selection of. By incorporating top quality ingredients and the culinary artistry of chefs, your guests are guaranteed to be happy. From radish and carrot soup with vegetarian meat to the ‘Five treasures’ soup to apple soup with almonds, which harmoniously blends the sweetness of apples with the crunchiness of almonds, your guests are in for a treat!


2. Mix it with some texturized vegetable protein

In a world full of new ideas and innovation, the Vegetarian Festival is no exception. Of course, most people who participate in the festival would avoid eating real meat in their diet but that doesn’t mean it should stop the chef’s culinary imagination. With the use of texturized vegetable protein, not only will it taste like real meat but it also can be created to look as good and appetizing. The long list of vegetable protein dishes is endless. Some examples include vegetarian duck with lemon puree and chicken stewed in the vegetarian version of Chinese-style salted fish with ginkgo nuts that are known for its nutritious qualities. Other examples include the vegetarian-style barbeque roasted pork in fried rice and fried rice with mushrooms and celery. All of these are perfect for a wedding that takes place during one of the most spiritual time of the year.


3. Stir Fried Vegetables

Before you start to think that this menu sounds way too ordinary for a special event, think again! This is because, with the right ingredients and preparation, it’s a guaranteed showstopper.  From the crunchy Chinese Bok Choy stirred with the aromatic Japanese Shimeji mushrooms, we know you will be asking for more. Forget the fake meat from texturized vegetable protein, because the real highlight is the top-quality vegetable itself that will captivate your appetite. Dishes that are worth adding to your wedding menu during this Vegetarian Festival can start with stir-fried snap peas, carrots and sweet corns added with flavorful selections of mushrooms. There’s more than what meets the eyes, and we are sure that guests will enjoy these well thought out wonderful vegetable dishes.


4. Dim Sum

Who says being on a vegetarian diet means you have to skip the delicious dim sum? Come and try vegetarian Cantonese dumplings like Har Gow or fried taro, crispy vegetarian spring rolls filled with steamy vegetables and glass noodles or vegetarian steamed barbeque pork buns that are both tender and scrumptious. This range of dim sum course can be set as an appetizer before the heavy main course with rice and noodles. Dim sum will surely add in some variety and excitement to the wedding table.


5. Fried Rice or Noodles

If you’re worried that the vegetarian food served might not be fulfilling enough, we have finally come to the main course that is filled with rice and noodle dishes. This can be the fragrant Chinese olive fried rice with a savory and earthy punch that goes well with the rice or the vegetarian shrimp and roasted pork fried rice with mushrooms. For noodle menus, there is noodle with gourd and fermented black bean sauce, a light but flavorful dish charged with nutrition.


For those who can’t wait to try all these five vegetarian dishes, don’t forget to come visit our award-winning Cantonese restaurant, Xin Tian Di at Crowne Plaza Bangkok Lumpini Park. This selection of vegetarian delights can also be added to the upcoming weddings set during the Vegetarian Festival for a touch of good luck on a very special day of the lives of the bride and groom.