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Silom Road extents over 5km, which means that there a plenty of things to see and do. Aside from the many hotels near Silom Road, Bangkok, you’ll find Restaurants as well as markets. There is so much to do in fact, that it’s easily possible to fill a couple of week worthy of vacation.

To narrow it down a little bit, here are five great places to go to while you are in Silom. Most of these places are easily accessible for your hotel in Silom Road.

Lumpini Park

Lumpini Park is essentially a smaller version of the Central Park in New York. It may not be as big, but it sure is a wonderful place to be when the sun is out. It offers many open spaces and is ideal for recreation activities, such as jogging. It’s right in the heart of Silom, so you can get there even by walking from your hotel.

Important to note: alcoholic beverages are not permitted at Lumpini Park. If you need a refreshment, you can look up a small stall that sells water and various other non-alcoholic drinks.

Patpong Night Market / Red light district

Patong Night Market is a polarizing market, which is popular among tourists. It offers a combination of various goods that you can buy as well as a fair amount of red light institutions establishments.

This market, probably more than any other, heavily relies on bargaining. Most sellers offer either small non-brand goods, such as souvenirs or counterfeits. Prices are not shown on a price tag, but rather typed in on a calculator, which usually is too high, so never accept their price, but try to negotiate for a lower price.

Around Patpong Night Market you’ll be able to find many bars and restaurants as well, so you can have a cold beer after work before heading to Patpong Night Market.

Street Food

One thing that comes to mind when thinking of Bangkok is street food. There are many little sellers across Bangkok that sell traditional Thai food. They are a cheap alternative to the more expensive restaurants at Silom Road. It is therefore worthwhile to have a look at what the vendors have to offer.

A great place to consider is Silom Soi 20 as it is close by and offers a great range of sea food and other culinary dishes. Additionally, there is a small market for both the vendors and locals to get fresh food. Silom Soi 20 is in a walkable distance and opening hours are between lunch time and evening hours.

Wat Hua Lamphong

For a more traditional side of Bangkok, we recommend taking a look at Wat Hua Lamphong temple. It is located not far from Lumpini Park, but it’s still wise to grab a taxi to get there.

Wat Hua Lamphong temple is not as big as some of the more popular temples in Bangkok, but it offers an insight into Bangkok’s culture and might just be a little less crowded. Opening hours are between lunch time and evening hours.

Bangkok City Gallery

Not far from Silom Road, you can visit the Bangkok City Gallery. The building itself is a very modern piece of architecture, which looks quite a bit like art already.

The gallery features contemporary art and offers artists the opportunity to showcase their talent to a broader audience. For those who are interested in a less busy, more relaxed activity, might find value in this gallery. It’s fairly easy to get there by either walking or taking a taxi from your hotel in Silom Road.