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There is nothing sweeter than newly engaged lovebirds ready to start the rest of their lives together.


We know the struggle and stress that come before for the very special day. That’s why having a professional wedding organizer by your side can be helpful. Getting a wedding package not only saves your time and energy, but you also get good tips and advice from the experienced wedding planner, from popular menus for cocktails reception to choices of souvenir. Above all, wedding themes is one of the most frequently-asked questions by the love couples. Crowne Plaza Bangkok Lumpini Park, therefore, has gathered the 5 trendy wedding themes in 2017 for you to decide for your upcoming wedding.


Burgundy and Gold

Put them next together and they shine. We all know when you pair burgundy and gold, you get a luxurious wedding theme. The gold reflects wealth and grandeur while the burgundy goes well by adding more lavishness and an extra touch of mystery and contrast. Better than that, with the help of beautiful decorations and complimenting colors of wildflowers, there is no denying the elegant flair of the wedding scene of your dream.


Beach Vibe

We believe everyone’s idea of a perfect day is spent relaxing on a beach. Naturally, the Beach theme is a popular one in 2017 wedding packages offered by us. Colorful tones are used to reflect the fun and youthful energy of the beach scene with the color blue that is sure to help create an energetic and lively sense. Now we don’t have to worry if the sun is going to be too hot or the storm might be coming because our team of expert wedding planners can help recreate an indoor atmosphere that is as good or even better than the real thing.


Nude Neutral

Modern, neutral and simple. Sometimes the true elegance is just keeping things basic and that is why the Nude Neutral theme is one of the biggest hit this year. The best thing about focusing on nude colors is that it is perfect for both day and night ceremony making it versatile and hassle-free. The nude tone can be used in many ways such as applying it for decoration, the outfits, and even the gifts. To make the ceremony more playful and bright, you could also try adding tiny flowers in various colors as decorations.


Fairy Story

Dreamy pastel colors make you feel like you have just entered a world of fantasy and fairies. Having a wedding with Fairy Story theme is best when making use of pastel colors that give the surrounding an overall romantic and sweet sense, like being in a love story. Even for an evening ceremony, pastel colors will definitely help soften and give the wedding a delicate touch.  


Vintage Style

Vintage style is perfect for all the younger brides and grooms that want to channel their classic taste. The color tones are warm such as light brown that gives out a casual and intimate feeling while pink pastels help lighten up the mood and add that sweetness to the vibe. Decorations could include lots of lace and pearls, that represents class and delicacy.


At Crowne Plaza Bangkok Lumpini Park, we proudly present our very special guests' wedding packages with the highest of standards. All packages include the whole wedding preparation service that starts with planning, getting the location, catering delicious food to getting the necessary equipment. Apart from offering a wide range of different packages, our luxurious hotel is also centrally located making it a convenient destination for your guests and loved ones. Pick us as a wedding location of your dreams today. The spacious spaces could be customized entirely, the limit is your imagination with the help of our amazing staff and our planning team of experienced experts ready to guide you to your dream wedding.