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Bangkok is one of the most popular travel destinations. It offers a mixture of tradition and culture along with great activities throughout the year. Arguably the biggest event is the Songkran Festival, Thailand’s biggest celebration of the year and the longest public holiday. This year it will begin on April 13th and last for 3 days, although in some areas it starts even earlier and goes on for a whole week.
Each year people all across Thailand celebrate the beginning of a new solar year along with the end of the dry season. It’s a tradition to splash water at each other as a blessing. But these days the Songkran Festival tends to be a lot busier with many places offering music and drinks. With thousands of people carrying their water guns and buckets, it’s quite possibly the largest water fight in the world. One of the many reasons why it’s popular among tourists from many places around the world. For tourists, it’s important to know that with those celebrations come certain risks, as there can be drivers under the influence of alcohol. There are plenty of great places in Bangkok to celebrate Songkran Festival each year, Silom however might be the best place to get wet and enjoy the celebrations. Here are three reasons why.
1. Silom Road is the biggest
Silom is known as one of the biggest financial districts in Bangkok along with many office buildings and hotels in Silom Road.
During Songkran however most of these offices remain closed as Silom Road turns into a massive playground. It comes as no surprise that Silom Road is not only the busiest place, but also the most exciting place to celebrate Songkran Festival. From 3 pm in the afternoon until late, people will be splashing water at each other. This is not only enjoyable, but also quite refreshing, since April turns out to be the hottest month of the year with temperatures of up to 40 degrees. Silom is a great choice for anyone looking to have some serious fun. Each year Silom Road, which extends over a length of 5km, is filled with locals and tourists alike.
2. Stay on the dry side
Unlike Khao San Road, it’s possible to mostly stay dry during Songkran Festival at Silom Road. If you don’t want to participate in the water fights, but rather like to stand by and observe things from a relatively safe distance, you can. The BTS Skywalk proves to be a great way to stay out of the way, while still being able to watch people getting soaked. Although you can remain dry, it’s probably a wise choice to bring a waterproof bag for your valuables along.
3. Facilities in Silom
After an extensive period of celebration, you can take a break and enjoy one of many restaurants that Silom Road has to offer. From traditional Thai food to delicious western dishes, there will be something for everyone.
In addition to the many choices of restaurants, it is, of course, also possible to go on a shopping tour. At Silom Road you will be able to find various stores and shops to buy anything you might like. One particular place to take a look at is Silom Complex, a medium sized mall that offers many known brands as well as coffee shops and places to eat. It might not be as big as some of the other malls, but nevertheless it’s still worthwhile giving it a try. Silom Road has a wide array of hotels to offer. That means that tourists that are interested in joining the festivities, can easily book a hotel. Whether you are looking for an affordable hotel or a more luxurious place to stay, at Silom Road there is most likely going to be a hotel for everyone’s needs.
Those who do book a hotel in Silom district, Bangkok, can be sure to be right in the centre of Songkran Festival. Additionally, there is a great BTS network available, so that anybody can escape the wild if they feel like it. Besides that, it might just be the only way to get around, since Silom Road will be closed and no taxi will be able to take you to you desired location.